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We offer cleaning and disinfecting services for office, retail and industrial environments. We carry out reception and switchboard duties, mail delivery and collection, caretaking and security services, all delivered by trained professionals.

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Environmental Hygiene

We carry out these services with great care and attention. The cleaning and disinfection of offices, common areas and industrial premises (production, research and storage) are performed by qualified personnel working meticulously to the highest professional standards of competence and discretion.

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Reception & Switchboard duties

We perform reception and switchboard duties with a smile at all times, well aware that we are the public face of the company: the image that the company wants to project. Every day we see to fielding phone calls, booking and welcoming visitors with courtesy and professionalism.

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Messenger and postal services

Our dedicated staff work to support the company's internal activities. Reclean messengers are reliable, discreet, energetic and always ready to help. They take care of delivering and collecting mail, documents and packages within and outside the firm.

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Caretaking and Security

We see to surveillance, monitoring and guarding our customers’ buildings. The staff we deploy on these duties are professional, and can cope with emergencies promptly and effectively.

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Facility Management

An integrated approach that makes the customer’s core business more effective by designing, planning and providing environmental services enabling it to adapt easily and quickly to market changes, make the most of its property and enhance its workplaces.

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Our customers chooses us because

  • we are reliable
  • we love doing things well
  •  we respect the environment
  • our methods are constantly updated


Verona office

Via T. A. Edison, 41

37135 - Verona (VR)


Via Assunta, 61 - Building D
(angolo Via La Malfa)
20834 - Nova Milanese (MB)
Ph. +39 0362 1980165
Fax +39 0362 459641

Registered office

Bologna Interporto - Building 4.3 Sud

40010 - Bentivoglio (BO)

Ph. +39 051 6651890

Fax +39 051 6655091

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