What we do

Chisiamo Reclean


The crucial factors in RECLEAN’s general services are the care, cheerfulness, professionalism and efficiency shown by its staff, who are all employed in accordance with current legal obligations relating to employment contracts, social security and pensions.

Continuous training ensures RECLEAN operators are capable at all times of guaranteeing the highest of standards in every field and meeting customer requirements in full. We use innovative materials to ensure clean and healthy premises for the sake of the occupants and the environment, and we have the flexibility and competence to cope safely with emergencies.


We carry out these services with great care and attention. The cleaning and disinfection of offices, common areas and industrial premises (production, research and storage) are performed by qualified personnel working meticulously to the highest professional standards of competence and discretion.

We perform reception and switchboard duties with a smile at all times, well aware that we are the public face of the company: the image that the company wants to project. Every day we see to fielding phone calls, booking and welcoming visitors with courtesy and professionalism.

Our dedicated staff work to support the company’s internal activities. Reclean messengers are reliable, discreet, energetic and always ready to help. They take care of delivering and collecting mail, documents and packages within and outside the firm.

We see to surveillance, monitoring and guarding our customers’ buildings. The staff we deploy on these duties are professional, and can cope with emergencies promptly and effectively.