Environmental Hygiene

Igiene ambientale

We carry out these services with great care and attention. The cleaning and disinfection of offices, common areas and industrial premises (production, research and storage) are performed by qualified personnel working meticulously to the highest professional standards of competence and discretion.

  • Office, retail and industrial cleaning

    This is a professional service that guarantees outstanding hygiene and cleanliness in offices, health facilities, shops, shopping centres and industrial areas. We operate in a professional and competent manner with detailed instructions about the operations to be performed, the products and the equipment to be used.

  • First-time cleaning

    Following renovation or rebuilding work we give the affected area a quick but thorough clean. The team’s size and composition are determined specifically for the type of area and the deadline.

  • Pest removal and rat extermination

    Rat extermination and other pest removal operations are carried out with care for the environment and under the highest safety standards.